Eminent Domain / Condemnation

Lighthouse Law Group PLLC represents government entities and property owners in eminent domain (condemnation) matters. Our depth of experience in this field gives us the ability to manage any property acquisition or condemnation proceeding. We take pride in the efficiency with which we resolve condemnation matters.

Over the years, our attorneys have represented our public sector clients in acquisition projects, such as street expansions, utility corridors, transit stations and corridors, parks, recreational trails, and convention centers. In particular, our attorneys played a significant role in the condemnation of right-of-way for the Seattle Monorail Project. While the project itself never came to fruition, we were hugely successful when considering the speed and cost with which property rights were obtained. We have also prosecuted condemnation actions on behalf of other municipal corporations.

Not only have our attorneys prosecuted such cases, we have also defended inverse condemnation claims. In representing property owners, we are often engaged to negotiate with the condemning authority before litigation begins. We have successfully negotiated reduced acquisitions, enlarged acquisitions (when the owner has sought that), and acquisition and/or easement terms.

We are equipped to pursue your matter all the way through trial, if necessary, but we are almost always successful in resolving condemnation matters well in advance of trial, and, many times, even before litigation begins.