Employment Law

We have extensive experience representing public employers in a variety of employment matters including:

  • Discrimination and Harassment Laws. We advise our clients regarding employment practices to minimize claims of discrimination and harassment. We also provide training to our clients and have extensive experience managing and responding to agency complaints.
  • Internal Investigations. We have experience conducting and overseeing investigations on a wide variety of workplace issues, including harassment, discrimination, misconduct, theft, policy violations, and privacy incidents
  • Wage and Hour Compliance. We advise clients regarding compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws, including the classification workers as independent contractors, the classification of employees as non-exempt or exempt, compensation for preliminary and postliminary activities, training, and travel time, minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, child labor and special employment. We assist clients with agency audits, including the U.S. Department of Labor, the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, and Washington Department of Employment Security.
  • Leave Management. We advise employers regarding compliance with federal, state, and local leave and disability laws. We work closely with our clients during the interactive process to resolve accommodation issues and advice regarding compliance with federal and state family leave, pregnancy leave and other leave laws. We also provide management training on leave and assist our clients develop wellness programs.
  • Background Investigations. We regularly counsel employers regarding background investigations, including compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and relevant state laws regulating the use of criminal convictions and credit history. We also advise regarding appropriate inquiries during the hiring process.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing. We prepare drug and alcohol testing policies, including compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act. We advise employers regarding results that may result in employee discipline.
  • Employment Agreements and Policies. We prepare employment agreements, offer letters, and agreements restricting competition and protecting intellectual property. We prepare employee handbooks and review policies for legal compliance and risk management.
  • Health and Safety Laws. We advise our clients regarding compliance with OSHA, WISHA and other state safety laws. We help our clients prepare safety and workplace violence policies.
  • Training. We provide training to help employers comply with the law and minimize claims. We provide training on compliance with federal and state leave laws, equal employment opportunity, performance management systems, service animal compliance, and employee selection.
  • Union Information and Public Disclosure Requests. We have extensive experience helping our clients respond to public record and union information requests that touch on employment issues.
  • Terminations and Layoffs. We advise clients on layoff and disciplinary decisions, including compliance with the Older Workers’ Benefit Protection Act. We work closely with clients to prepare separation agreements and to carry out terminations and layoffs to minimize claims. We represent management in hearings for unemployment benefits when litigation is likely.
  • Worksite Enforcement and Form I-9 Compliance. We advise clients regarding compliance with Form I-9 and E-Verify programs and practices.